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 WP Water Processing



  is a consultation business, specialized in water processing.

  My name is Willy Pellmark and I am a senior consultant with

  many years experience of water processing.  

  I now share my knowledge and capacity, from many active

  years, to all of you who need a new water treatment plant, or

  need to improve your present water treatment process.

  I have been working for several water processing companies,

  and I have had my own business as entrepreneur for many

  years. I have been responsible for projects and deliveries of

  equipment and water treatment plants, for drinking water and

  process water, in Sweden and abroad.


  We have a Consultant Insurance and a Tax Certificate.

  Commissioning according to ABK 09 or NKF 07/NKL 07.

  Written agreement, on demand, for major commissions.

  We care about the environment and we drive on bio-fuel.





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