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 Filtration means separation of compound

 in the water than can cause problems.

 Examples of such compound are:


 Particels (sand, gravel, rust etc)

 Lime (”hard” water)

 Iron (causing brown deposits)

 Manganese (causing black deposits)

 Cupper (causing green deposits)

 Organic compound (humus etc causing

 odour and taste)

 Salinity (causing corrosion)

 Bacteria (causing disease)


 Often several unwanted compounds are

 present, and the filtration process must

 then be performed in steps. Some

 compound need a preparation prior to

 filtration, like chemical precipitation or



Types of Filter 

Direct Acting Filters

   - Bow Strainers

   - Basket Filters

   - Bag Filters

   - Cartridge Filters

   - Disc Filters


Media Filters, single media or multi


   - Sand Filters

   - Activated Carbon Filters

   - Alkaline Filters

   - Ion Exchange Filters

   - Special Media Filters


Media Filters are made as Gravity Filters or as Pressurized Filters.

Media Filters can be performed for manual or automatic back-washing.


Precoat Filters

Filters with elements for ”on-site” coating. Mainly used for condensate polishing. 


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